How do I know if this is right for me and my home/business?

When assessing if a battery is a good fit for your home or business, we consider the following

  • Energy use patterns – Do you use little energy during the day and substantial amounts at night?
  • Current Solar System Size – is there a greater excess of solar energy not being used and sent to the grid?
  • Grid Reliability – Is your home or business prone to outages caused by poor grid infrastructure or prone to blackouts caused by natural disasters?
  • Available Space – Some battery systems require varied installation requirements as well as protections (ie Bollards) that may take up more space
  • Your Energy Goals – Is your goal to reduce your carbon footprint? Do you have the desire to be energy independent?
  • Budget – Calculate the potential savings from reduced reliance on the grid during peak electricity rates, as well as the payback period for the battery investment.