Where should I install my EV Charger, and can I do it myself?

When it comes to installing your EV charger, it’s essential to prioritise safety and convenience. At OneAU Energy, we recommend installing your electric car charger in a covered area or garage, but it can also be placed outdoors if necessary.

In Australia, it is mandatory to have dedicated EV chargers installed by a licensed electrician or qualified technician. It’s important to note that you should not attempt to install your own electric vehicle charger at home. To ensure compliance with regulations and safety standards, it’s always best to rely on the expertise of professionals.

At OneAU Energy, we provide standard professional installation services when you purchase an EV charger from us. Our experienced EV specialists will collaborate with you to determine the ideal location for your charger, taking into account our installation requirements. We will guide you on where to set up your charging point, considering your preferences and needs as much as possible.

By entrusting the installation process to our qualified team, you can have peace of mind knowing that your EV charger will be installed safely, efficiently, and in a way that meets industry standards. Our goal is to make the installation process as seamless as possible, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of your EV charger without any concerns.